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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris with a look at today's stories. an opportunity was shot a--a student was shot at west orange high school in orlando. the orange county sheriff department confirms the 15-year-old victim is being streeted and is in stable condition. >>> meanwhile a 17-year-old suspect has been identified and is in custody. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. >>> recordings of the 911 calls from sandy hook elementary school, it reveals a mixture of panicalmness. al jazeera will not play those recordings. >>> around 29,000 people signed up for health insurance on sunday and monday. a figure that surpasses the total for the whole month of october. and president obama said the income ga gap between rich and r americans is widening, and jeopardizing the middle class. notic"inside story" is next. >> detroit prepares to navigate the road ahead in bankruptcy. but it's hardly alone in its efforts to solve the burden of runaway debt. i'm ray suarez. bankruptcy lessons learn and the real impact on people's lives
the city is shrinking and broke. to solve its financial crisis detroit will have to cut city workers pensions. illinois just pass emergency legislation to tackle $100 billion shortfall in its pension obligations. that's huge money and people will pay the price. on this edition of inside story we'll look at the trade-offs and solutions when balance sheets teeter to the brink of disaster, and we start in detroit. >> let me just say that the judge has spoken, and i do think it's a tough day for all of us here in detroit [♪ music ] >> once the nation's fourth largest city, the heart of the auto industry and the soul of american music today's detroit is a portrait of urban decay and facing a water shed moment. it is the largest municipality in u.s. history to file for bankruptcy. a federal judge ruled the city is not only insolvent but in a decisive verdict declared that pensions will be included on the chopping block. dave bing is the outgoing mayor. >> the only way we stayed alive, quite frankly, is through cuts. we cut everything that we could. unless there is more investment coming
at today's top stories. detroit has become the largest u.s. city to ever enter bankcy. the city's $18 billion debt could include cutting pensions. >>> results of drug and alcohol tests on the train operator of the train that went offel rails came in negative. >> an american contractor has been held in a cuban prison for four years. he was setting up internet on the island and the government felt it was to undermine the government. >>> 85-year-old merrill newman has been detained in north korea since october. those are your headlines stori stories. >> what difference will two or three additional dollars per hour make in the life of low-wage americans and their times and the economy as a whole? the debate surrounding raising the minimum wage is the inside story. >> hello, i'm ray suarez. the wheels of the american economy turned with the labor of low wage workers across this country. the dishwashers, retail sales people and healthcare providers who toil at the federal minimum wage haven't seen a pay raise in four years and efforts in congress to find one have stagnated. cities, states,
they will. i agree with them. i think they will actually be doing some growth. there will be certain cities where there will be cut backs over time but it looks like part of the settlement includes in three to five year window where they can't cut back in certain hubs they would like to, but that's part of the settlement as well. >> douglas kidd what about the flying public? what is their interest here? >> the flying public has one interest, and that is being able to fly, and of course flying on an airline that is not facing bankruptcy, and that is hopefully making money and will be in a position to treat the customer and the passenger gregory. when an airline is facing financial difficulty, there is a tendency to pinch pennies. it's quite another when american airlines in the past has received proposed fines and penalties for neglecting maintenance. that's really important. so to the extent that this merger can resolve some of those issues so that flying will remain safe and comfortable, then of course the passengers are all for it. >> the general trajectory, if you want to fly anywhere fr
one have stagnated. cities, states, and counties are taking it on themselves to bring their workers to income levels closer to the fiscal realities of these tough times. and it's no easy task. as much debate surrounds the effectiveness of image wage hikes and who really benefits. do these wage controls cost jobs? we'll discuss the issue on this addition of "inside story." but first this background. >> they deserve to live a good life in one of the richest cities in the world. >> reporter: close to 100 people rallied outside washington, d.c. city council chamber as council members inside voted to raise the city's minimum wage to $11.50 an hour. >> congress' failure to act, and congress' failure to take care of those left behind not just from the recession, but as the people who make the most have done better and better, we've become a city of haves and have nots, and a country of haves and have nots. step up and make sure that people have a living wage. >> reporter: with little hope congress will raise the minimum wage t wage. in september california governor jerry brown approved a g
to the pourest region in terms of income in this city, ward 8, and he is going to be talking about empowering people who are economically disadvantaged and bringing them into the american dream. something he has talked about not a lot frefrequently. and he is also trying to turn the page from the bungled healthcare rollout. and here is the president. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you, everybody. please, please, have a seat. [ applause ] >> thank you so much. well, thank you ni ra for the wonderful introduction and sharing a story that resinated with me. there are were a lot of parallels in my life and probably resinated with some of you. in other the past ten years the center for american progress has done incredible work to shape the debate over expanding opportunity for all americans, and i could not be more grateful to cap not only for giving me a lot of good policy ideas, but also giving me a lot of staff. [ laughter ] >> my friend john ran my transition, my chief of staff dennis mcdunna did an extended cap, so you are doing a good job training folks. i also want to thank all of the me
technology that can spot a stolen car parked in the middle of a city block. >> there were multiple gunshots fired. >> it can track a gunman thousands of miles away. >> if you can track it then you can predict it. >> i'm ray suarez. this is "inside story." we're talking about the minimum wage and mark, i'm wondering with so many low wage workers working for very successful companies we've seen that many of their intake procedures involve advising their own workers on how to take advantage of federal and state benefits for low-wage people. as a taxpayer and a customer, am i better off paying my tax money to give those people benefits like snap, or am i better off paying a little extra so they're not poor any more. >> you're probably better off paying a little extra so they're not poor any more. if you look at the dead weight loss as economists look at it with the transfer of your money through the federal government and then back through the social service programs that a lot of minimum wage workers are available for, there is loss added to that through the transaction. you're probably better
>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. federal investigators want to know why the train that derailed was traveling 82 mph as it approached a 30 mph zone. four people were skilled and others injured. protesters and police clash in bangkok in an effort torpors the prime minister yingluck shinawatra to step down. 200 have been injured in the violence. >>> it's as different as night as day, that's how officials describe . officials say it's working better, faster, but still they're cautiously managing expectations. vice president yesterday biden is in asia for a week long trip. biden arrived just a few hours ago. he'll speak with japanese and chinese leaders over islands claim by both countries. he'll also visit china and south korea. that's your look at our top stories. "inside story" is next. >> fixes appear to be working, but questions and challenges remain. i'm ray sa suarez and that's the "inside story." ♪ >> president obama says the website is significantly impro
of a city block. >> there were multiple gunshots fired. >> it can track a gunman thousands of miles away. >> if you can track it then you can predict it. >> audiences are intelligent >> welcome back to "inside story." i'm ray warez. we're continuing our discussion on long-term unemployment. jen, you can tell america happily you're no longer on the list. you just found out? >> yeah, luckily because of "the new york times" story i was featured in i had a ceo of and president of sonosite kevin good goodwin fly me out and really interviewed me like i was a person rather than looking for a key word on a resumÉ. >> you have to move across the country. that's hard for workers who have been out for a while. >> i don't have anything to relocate. after what i've been through i would move anywhere for a job. it's not like i would choose to stay in one place over another. a job is a job. this is a good one and i'm excited. >> well, congratulations on that. >> thank you. >> nick, long term unemployed people give you the sense just like we heard from jener earlier, that no one is looking at their app
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9